Rooster (aka Frank Inzerillo) has been influenced by the classic age of automotive art and pinstriping. You'll see a mid-century flair in much of his work. He puts together surprising elements and unusual colors that lend a unique and aesthetically pleasing quality to his work. Each design is carefully considered and truly one-of-a-kind.

On a beautiful spring day, you'll usually find him at one of the many boatyards on Staten Island, doing what he loves best. Boat lettering is fun because the name is usually a reflection of the boat owner, or what they enjoy. Some of the names are just great!

A few techniques that Rooster enjoys are hand-lettering, pinstriping, hand-carving and gold-leaf.

Rooster has been inspired by many great artists, as well as close friends. Frank Interrante, Gary Lasasso and Gary the Local Brush really started the paint drippin'. He enjoys attending letterhead and pinstriping meets and getting to hang out and share stories with the best of the best.

Frank collaborates with his partners-in-sign: wife Lisa, a graphic designer and portrait artist, and his daughter Sophia, currently eight. He looks forward to teaching Sophia his trade. As soon as she is able to weed vinyl and stripe a tricycle, she will join the family business.

Rooster would be happy to discuss any project ideas you may have. He can be reached by telephone at 718-876-0484 (eastern time) or by email: